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If you need a loan in Austria, you can choose from a wide range of loans. Agree bank has offered its customers good conditions and a flexible loan offer for many years. Since this is a direct bank, the loans are only offered via the Internet. Regardless of whether it is a normal installment loan, a car loan or a home loan, with these three loan types, Agree bank basically offers all the requirements of borrowers.

The loans are granted from a maximum of USD 4,000.00 and are offered up to a maximum amount of USD 50,000.00. Installment loans are particularly popular with Agree bank. They are not intended for any purpose and can therefore be used for any occasion. Whether for covering or settling outstanding claims, for financing travel or for urgent repair work, the Agree bank installment loan is very flexible. With a term of 12 months to 10 years, you enjoy the freedom to adjust the monthly installments to your financial situation. The installment loan is titled Easy Loan by the loan provider.

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Credit Amount: USD Loan term: 1 month 12 months 24 Months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months 96 months 108 months 120 months

The current loan offer from Agree bank

The current loan offer from Agree bank

The Easy Home loan is the ideal loan for financing your long-awaited dream home. Financing your own home is of course a very important task and should be well thought out and planned. Agree bank Austria is happy to help at any time to carry out the financing together with you and to coordinate it with your personal financial circumstances. The Eeasy home loan, like the installment loan, is available very unbureaucratically. You can rely on Agree bank’s support and help to finance your own home with a fair loan.

With the Easy home loan, you can quickly improve your living situation. Conversion projects or other changes in the house or apartment can be financed with this loan, which has been specially tailored for such occasions. Are you planning to move to a cooperative apartment? Then the Easy Housing Loan is the ideal loan product for you.

The advantages of Agree bank loans in a nutshell:

  • unbureaucratic application
  • very short processing time
  • immediate payout
  • Installment loan without a specific purpose
  • Loan for renovation work in your own four walls
  • Support around the clock by experienced and competent employees
  • one of the best loan providers in Austria with the necessary experience

As a rule, the review of the credit documents and thus the decision on whether to accept or refuse should take place quickly. This time is extremely difficult for customers and they do not know what will happen to their financial situation. That is precisely why Agree bank has made it its business to check all loan applications within a very short period of time in order to relieve applicants of the difficult time of uncertainty. Of course, it always depends on the type of loan you choose, how long the check actually takes.

With an installment loan, however, applicants receive a temporary acceptance or rejection just a few seconds after filling out the loan documents. In this case, the system checks the information and if the information provided complies with Agree bank’s regulations for a positive settlement, the borrower has very realistic chances that the loan amount will actually be paid out after a further (detailed) check. Documents on the information provided are usually required for further testing. Proof of salary, registration slip and a bank statement of the last 30 days must be made available to Agree bank for a final check of the loan application.

Agree bank also stands out from the competition in terms of the amount of the loan. A loan can be obtained from Agree bank Austria for as little as USD 4,000.00. In such cases the term “small loan” is used, which is very easy to obtain. If the applicant can show a fixed monthly income and has his main place of residence in Austria, a payment on the following day (after submission of the credit documents) is not uncommon. Agree bank presents itself quickly and unbureaucratically when it comes to credit.

When it comes to your own finances and an issue as important as a loan, competent and detailed advice is of course also important. The Agree bank can be reached at any time by telephone or in writing for its customers for questions about credit and financing. Before each loan is concluded, there is detailed advice where all costs and fees are listed. As a borrower, you never incur unexpected additional costs.

With Agree bank you can rely on experience and the necessary know-how at any time.

The simple loan application with Agree bank

The simple loan application with Agree bank

Agree bank is a direct bank in Austria and therefore loans can only be requested via the Internet. For this purpose, the loan provider provides a loan application on its homepage, which of course must be filled in truthfully. It is not necessary to download additional software for the loan application. The loan application is forwarded immediately and also checked in terms of system technology. The borrower thus immediately receives a non-binding commitment or rejection.

About the Agree bank

About the Agree bank

Agree bank was founded in 1996 and quickly developed into one of the best credit banks in Austria. In the meantime, the employees of the direct bank look after over 500,000 customers in Austria and are always working to improve their offers. In addition to the loan offers, Agree bank can of course also take out a savings product or a pension product. Agree bank is now the second largest direct bank in Austria.

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